Stories from the men, women and the church after accepting the challenge of an XCC

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How the XCC Impacts a Church

“I’ve not seen my reflection in 3 days but I’ve never seen myself so clearly.”

A.L , United Kingdom

"This weekend was terrible - in that it exposed to me just how hollow I actually am.
It exposed me for how I portrayed myself and hid real problems behind smiles and laughs.
It exposed me to vulnerability and I didn't like it.
It has challenged me to peel back those layers and unprotect myself. To be vulnerable.
And to keep going."

NZ XCC Member

"It's a breakthrough adventure and camaraderie for a fresh start ... It's so accessible and a great way to have fun and bond together."

R.K, United Kingdom

"The greatest challenge was talking to strangers about my personal challenges without being judged, not feeling ashamed, and opening up. I would recommend it to men who are seeking a further purpose & reason in life."

NZ XCC Member

"I spent 20 years in the marines, but I have never felt an accomplishment like I did this weekend. I feel a pull toward the cross. I will cherish it until I die... I want the 4th musketeer and my marine brothers to be at my funeral to bury me when I die."

Kirk, Oklahoma

"I had a few excuses why I couldn't come. But my wife told me I should do it."

NZ XCC Member

"I want to hear more of other peoples stories. I want to serve more, I want to share more, and be ok to ask for help.

NZ XCC Member

"Intense, unforgettable, something I would absolutely recommend!"

Carson, Saskatchewan

"It made me realise there are a lot of common issues that we as men face and can share."

J.E, Australia

"XCC taught me that physically we might suffer and we talk about that easily. But spiritually and mentally, we tend to hold that in."

NZ XCC Member

"This weekend, I discovered that it is okay to forgive yourself. Even when pride may be stopping you."

NZ XCC Member