4M is an international movement spanning across 6 continents and 25+ countries with well over 30,000 people coming through it's events so far. It serves men, women, young adults, families and the empoverished. It's 4 values are faith, connection, adventure, and transformation.

4M is the umbrella movement that hosts the XCC, Arise, Father-Child events and Muskathalons (endurance events raising money for those in poverty).

Once you have taken part in one of these events, you become part of the 4M movement and enter an international, but also local tribe. Challenge your character. Challenge your faith. And join the 4M Movement.


Feeling the lack of brotherhood and adventure Henk complained to his wife about how life seemed to be all give and left no space for focusing on what was important. Ruth replied, not with sympathy, but with challenge: "So do something adventurous with your friends, but make it inspiring for others!"

Henk saw that every men's event either met in an anonymous circle or a comfortable conference center. There were hours of seminars, coffee on tap and a rigid schedule. Well this men's event would be different; comfort levels would be low, talks would be short but adventure levels would be high and experiences would be marked by mystery. And by flipping these norms on their head the impact would be unforgettable.

So in 2008 the first XCC took place with 100 Dutch men in the Belgian Ardennes, and since then it's spread to over 25 countries around the world!


4MNZ began in 2019 when its founder, Seb Gray, moved to New Zealand. After having experienced the XCC in Scotland and Wales, Seb was determined to spread the 4M movement into New Zealand. Later joined by Tim Prestige from England, they both began planning the first ever New Zealand XCC. The first annual XCC took place in October 2021 and the hopes of an Arise Character Challenge for women are becoming realized in April 2024.

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Our vision is to inspire global passion for adventurous faith and character transformation. We have a heart for using ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals. Help us realise this vision and volunteer with us! Whether you have administrative skills, resources to offer, or a story to tell, we would love to hear from you!

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4MNZ Partners


Soul Edge is a one month adventure touring around the South Island for 18-25 year old guys and girls. We adventure in the most beautiful parts of the country and wrestle with key topics of faith needed for a life-long, strong relationship God.

We provide an optional mission trip to Vanuatu for Soul Edge graduates and also deliver a 3-month Canadian program.