NEXT XCC: 25th - 28th OCTOBER 2024


A 3 night wilderness event, designed to rattle, test and inspire you.

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From 8pm on Friday through to Monday afternoon you and your team of 7-12 will march through the Southern Alps - Kā Tiritiri o te Moana with up to 100 other men. You won't be told what lies ahead, what you'll eat, when you'll stop or how you'll be challenged but you can trust you'll be met with a series of perfectly placed and demanding tasks.


Each stage of the XCC is extremely intentional and designed to unearth the real you, but the details are kept a mystery on purpose; to know them, you'll have to come and see for yourself.

Have you found your limit? Well the XCC may or may not push you to your physical breaking point, and although it's designed for men to finish it's still been described as the hardest thing some men have ever done. But what it certainly will do is bring to the surface your blind spots, things that need dealing with, bring perspective to life and awaken the fighter in you.

This is not a men's retreat, a walk in the park or a coffee fueled conference. There are no showers. No sofas. No bunk beds or cozy lodges. All you'll have is your pack on your back and your team around you.


An XCC makes you think about what's important. We ask big questions that need big answers. Who taught you how to do life as a man? Is it working?


An XCC is a demanding physical experience, designed to challenge and test your body. It’s not a military fitness test, more an exercise in determination and resilience.


XCC events are a journey to discover identity and purpose. Find your ability to do more, be inspired and become a man of action.


Train to get yourself mountain-ready. Try going for a run once a week, increasing the speed or length each time, or try knock out 50 squats twice a week to prepare your legs.

More importantly, come with as light a pack as possible. You can leave your binoculars, hunting knife and multi-tools at home, they'll only weigh you down. Bring what's on the packing list and nothing more.

This weekend was terrible - in that it exposed to me just how hollow I actually am. It exposed me for how I portrayed myself and hid real problems behind smiles and laughs. It exposed me to vulnerability and I didn't like it. It has challenged me to peel back those layers and unprotect myself. To be vulnerable And to keep going.
The greatest challenge was talking to strangers about my personal challenges without being judged, not feeling ashamed, and opening up. I would recommend it to men who are seeking a further purpose & reason in life.
I spent 20 years in the marines, but I have never felt an accomplishment like I did this weekend. I feel a pull toward the cross. I will cherish it until I die... I want the 4th musketeer and my marine brothers to be at my funeral to bury me when I die.
XCC taught me that physically we might suffer and we talk about that easily. But spiritually and mentally, we tend to hold that in.
This weekend, I discovered that it is okay to forgive yourself. Even when pride may be stopping you.


We know you've got questions. Lets answer some of them.

Who is an XCC for?

An Xtreme Character Challenge is designed for men, 18 years and older.

We aren't here to preach at you but we are a Christian organisation and 4M is a faith-based movement.

XCC is for all men, regardless of religion.

It's important to know there will be some unavoidable Christian moments throughout the XCC, however these are designed in such a way that you do not need to believe in God in order to receive their benefits. The XCC works best when there are men with all sorts of beliefs, so come and add your view.

What is the route? / Where are we going?

The XCC will take place about 2 hours west of Christchurch Airport. As for the exact location, you will see!

As time draws closer you will be told the rough location, and the exact location will be revealed on the week of the event.

What iF I don't have the gear?

First try asking your friends and family, if you still can't source the needed gear, contact us at, or via our website and we can help you out.

I have dietary or medical REQUIREMENTS?

Ensure you have filled in the relevant details on your registration form and we will take it into account where possible. If there is a problem we will contact you.

If you have serious medical concerns such as heart problems, leg issues or intense allegies, please contact us before registering.

How fit do I need to be?

You do not need to be an athlete or an experienced tramper, however this challenge involves a considerable amount of hiking on steep and untracked terrain.

The fitter you are the better. The challenge is designed for ALL men, you don't have to be technically skilled or a survival expert, in fact if you've never left the office you're encouraged to accept the challenge, but we'd recommend some prior training!

If you have knee or ankle problems this tramp may not be for you. Get in touch to see what we think or you may want to check with your doctor about any other medical conditions you're concerned about.

Can I come from the North Island?

We start at 8pm on Friday, which gives you time to fly into Christchurch and make your way to the challenge. You can purchase a shuttle to and from the airport when registering.

Please arrive at Christchurch Airport no later than 6pm on Friday. We will drop you back at the airport at no later than 5pm on the Monday.

What if I can't afford it?

We have a number of sponsored places available, so please get in touch regardless of your current financial situation.

What if it's cancelled?

If the XCC is cancelled due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstance; your place will still be valid for any future 4M event of your choice. We also advise purchasing flexi flights if you are flying in for the event as we cannot compensate for this expense should we have to cancel the event.

Alternatively we are happy to issue a full refund minus the 3.2% admin fee.

If you cancel, you can transfer your place to a future XCC but a refund is not guaranteed.

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