Take your 13-17 year old son or daughter into the outdoors on an adventure; form bonds that can only be made through shared experience, challenge and the wisdom of others.

What it is

We're not here to teach you how to be a good son, daughter or father. We're here to provide shared adventure, and cause you to reflect and review your relationship, maybe you'll get inspired while you do it!

So join us as we build fires, shelters and memories. Journey over the mountain, and into deeper connection. Learn new wilderness survival skills, and, skills for walking your teen into adulthood. Gather tools for seeking truth and authentic faith, and do it in the Kiwi hills!


By definition, an adventure is a journey with an unknown outcome, so expect to arrive without all the answers but with a readiness to get muddy, get personal and take on a challenge, side-by-side with your teen. The road to adulthood is unknown, the future has an endless number of possibilities, careers will change and goals will shift, but you'll always be father and son or father and daughter, and that, is worth doing well!

You will need to sign up at least 3 weeks before the event in order to complete your preparation tasks which will be explained to you after you sign up. We want you to arrive ready to lead your teen, which requires a bit of intentionality.

What it's not

This is not an XCC, we're not testing your physical strength or mental grit, but, it's also not soft and fluffy! There's no luxury accommodation or big-screen movie nights, there's a wild, but accessible feel to the Father Challenge that you may have never shared before.  


We know you've got questions. Lets answer some of them.

CAN I BRING MORE THAN one teenager?

You can bring only one teenager. This is a time to give your undivided attention without anything, or anyone else getting in the way.

What iF I don't have the gear?

First try asking your friends and family, if you still can't source the needed gear, contact us at contact@4mnz.org, or via our website and we can help you out.

I have dietary or medical REQUIREMENTS?

Ensure you have filled in the relevant details on your registration form and we will take it into account where possible. If there is a problem we will contact you.

Can I bring my non-biological child?

We understand that for whatever reason, a father may not be around, so if you consider yourself a father to said teen, then bring them along! If you are not the legal guardian then we will need appropriate consent. Please get in touch to explain your situation.

How fit and experienced do we need to be?

You will both need a moderate level of fitness, but no experience is required.

You will be journeying through low-level mountains with a lightweight pack. You will not need to carry your tent & sleeping bag etc.

What time and where should we arrive?

Your destination is the Island Hills Station by Hurunui and you will need to arrive no earlier or later than 7:30pm. The challenge will finish at 8pm on Sunday.

Do we need to have any particular beliefs?

One of the aims of The Father Challenge is to spark discussions about what you believe and how that might affect your teen's future.

This is not a 'conversion' event, we are not trying to turn anyone into a 'Christian', but come with an open mind about what you believe and why.